Tandragee Free Presbyterian Church

We preach Christ Crucified
1 Corinthians 1:23


Willowfield, Portadown Road, Tandragee, Co.Armagh, BT62 2EJ


Welcome to our church’s web page. We would like to extend a warm welcome and a personal invitation to you and your family, to come join us as we worship the Lord Jesus Christ each week and learn from the Word of God. If you feel we can be of any spiritual assistance to you, we would encourage you to get in touch with us. We will be only too glad to be of help.

Special Testimony
Sunday 3rd Dec at 6.30Pm Rev Larry Power will give a personal word of testimony.


Date Time Title Event Type
20th Nov –
24th Nov
8:00 pm Youth Mission

Venue: Tandragee FPC  Speaker(s): Mr.Andrew Stewart
20th-22nd Nov.Mr Andrew Stewart…23rd Nov. Drugs awareness night Mr Chris Killen-24th Nov. Reunion Night -All made very welcome.

Youth Meeting
3rd Dec 6:30 pm Special Meeting

Venue: Tandragee FPC  Speaker(s): Rev Larry Power
Rev Power will give a personal word of testimony



Day Time Service
Sunday 10:30 am Sunday School
Sunday 10:30 am Bible Class
Sunday 11:00 am Prayer Meeting
Sunday 11:30 am Morning Service
Sunday 6:00 pm Prayer Meeting
Sunday 6:30 pm Gospel Service
Sunday 8:45 pm After Church Youth Rally
Third Sunday of each month (September – June)
Tuesday 8:00 pm Bible Study and Prayer Meeting
Wednesday 10:00 am Parents and Toddlers
Wednesday 12:00 pm Senior Citizens’ Lunch
Third Wednesday of Each Month
Thursday 8:00 pm Ladies’ Fellowship
Third Thursday of Each Month
Friday 7:00 pm Children’s Meeting
Friday 8:15 pm Youth Fellowship
Saturday 7:00 pm Open Air
September – Easter

Rev. Gordon Dane B.Sc. M.A.


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