Suffering For The Truth
“Buy the truth, and sell it not.”
Proverbs 23:23



There is no quarrel, more honest or honourable than to suffer for the truth. That honour my kind Lord hath now bestowed upon me, even to suffer for my royal and princely King, Jesus.

Beyond surrendering ease, we must be prepared to give up everything else: our name, our repute, our friendships, our connections, must all go without reserve, if Christ’s cause needs them. Sooner than deny the truth we must forego every recompense of honour, every particle of deserved esteem, every rag of repute. In the battle for the truth, let your personal comfort and reputation go to the winds. … My Lord, for Thee I will rejoice to be “the off scouring of all things,” that I may be found faithful to Thee and thy truth, even to the end.
Daily devotions are from the book “The Saint and the Prince” compiled and edited by Rev. Stanley Barnes.
Copyright 2015 – All Rights Reserved.
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