Accepted Through Christ
Joseph saw Benjamin with them.
Genesis 43:16



[Believers] have power over the flesh to crucify it, over the world to despise it, over Satan to resist and conquer him, because they are accepted in the Beloved.
William Graham

Rachel, Jacob’s true love, had two sons, Joseph and Benjamin. When Joseph was sold as a slave into Egypt, Benjamin played no part in those wicked actions, being the youngest in the family and a constant companion of his aged father. Consequently, when Joseph’s brethren arrived in the land of Pharaoh seeking food, Benjamin was not present. Joseph, anxious to know of his welfare, enquired of him. Hearing that he was still alive, he demanded that he must accompany them when they returned to obtain further food supplies.

Thus it was that when he saw his younger brother, all was well for the rest of the family. Benjamin’s presence made all the difference. Because of him, the very best of provisions were left at their disposal, and the highest hospitality that Egypt could afford was set before them. Despite the fact that they had offended and had grievously sinned against the high and mighty governor of the palace, all was well because Benjamin was with them.

How like our reception before the King of kings. We have sinned against the God of heaven. Yet if we approach Him accompanied by the greater Benjamin, the Lord Jesus, all is well. Down here upon this scene of time we can enter with confidence and boldness into His holy presence because our supplications are offered in that name that is above all others. Best of all, one day, when we enter into His immediate presence and stand before the One whose name is holy, all will be well because alongside of us will be our glorious Surety and blessed Redeemer, the Lamb of God Himself-the greater Benjamin.
Daily devotions are from the book “Footprints of Faith” edited by Dr. Alan Cairns.
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