The Triumph of Mercy
Mercy rejoiceth against judgment.
JAMES 2:13



If God should have no more mercy on us than we have charity one to another, what would become of us?
Thomas Fuller

Mercy rejoices against judgment in the salvation of sinners. It glories in the fact that God has found a way to be just and yet justify sinners (Rom. 3:26). Gods mercy could never ignore, deny, breach, or weaken the divine law and its just sentence, but it could rejoice that the law was satisfied without the destruction of the sinner. Gods mercy is embodied in the Lord Jesus Christ. In Him it bore all the force and fury of the judgment of God against us and our sin and came forth triumphant. Mercy triumphed because Christ exhausted the judgment of God against His people.

Mercy rejoices against judgment in the sanctification of the saints. Mercy makes men merciful. It does not make us indifferent to the pursuit of justice, but it does keep us from hypocrisy. We are all wont to practise a double standard. Like the wicked servant in Christs parable (Matt. 18:23-35), we want mercy from the Lord but are loath to give it to others. That is our old nature at work. But the Lord sanctifies those He saves so that they delight to treat others as He has treated them. This is why Christians love their enemies and seek the good of those who have wounded them. The triumph of mercy in us, therefore, is to make us more like Christ.

Mercy triumphs over judgment in the happiness and holiness of heaven. The great songs of heaven will all be sung by sinners who are there because of the mercy of God. Every note glories in a perfect justification that stood the rigours of the judgment day. Triumphant mercy justifies, sanctifies, and glorifies believers in Jesus. Can you join in its song?
Daily devotions are from the book “Footprints of Faith” edited by Dr. Alan Cairns.
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